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Clearly, most Morris Minors which are still on the road will have had many of their original components changed over the years. Outside the UK, it has not always been easy to locate spare parts manufactured to a good, durable standard at reasonable cost. Inevitably, some owners have taken an easy or cheaper course and fitted poor quality parts. This approach will cause accumulating technical problems in the car, possibly even causing these wonderful cars to be abandoned in a garage, or to rust outside! We aim to restore and repair all the old quality components, especially brand-name parts such as Lucas, as originally fitted to these cars at the Factory.

Our definite aim is to provide technical support to address defects in these older components, since they were originally manufactured with durability in mind. For example, when the restoring Lucas Trafficators, we source the parts such as the Lens and Bulb from England, and manufacture the Trafficator base-plate to the original specification using good quality materials.

Where necessary, our new products are made from Stainless steel. An example is the finishing shiny-trim cover for the Minor’s door Pull-strap (1956 onwards). This very noticeable trim part as a replacement made by us uses the correct gauge, non-magnetic, polished Stainless steel. It is our aim and hope that it will last forever on the car, whereas the original was plated only and shows a tendency to become rusty. In our improved production of this part, we have eliminated all sharp edges so that neither the adjacent stitched door pull-strap nor the user’s fingers can be cut/hurt.

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